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Library Access

How does access work for library institutional access?

The NCTE Publications content is available to students and staff at university libraries and other organizations using IP recognition or Shibboleth authentication. Individual NCTE members can log in to access member content, and any individual user can set up a personal account to access their own purchased content and use the personalization features of the site, such as favorite content and search alerts. 

A number of purchase and subscription options are available via the buttons displayed on specific journals and ebooks. For institutional subscriptions or ebook purchases, please use your service provider or contact NCTE Customer Service at [email protected] or by phone at 1-877-369-6283. 

Adding or removing IP addresses for your institution

Click on the "IP addresses" link within the "Authentication" section in your administrator dashboard (accessed through the cog icon). It will take you to a page that lists the IP addresses currently set up for your institution. You can update this list and click on the Submit button to save your updates.

Enabling Shibboleth for your institution

Click on the Shibboleth link within the "Authentication" section in your administrator dashboard (cog icon). It will take you to a form for setting up your Shibboleth profile. You can select your institution through the institutions drop-down below and click on the "Change institution" button at the bottom of the form to save your profile.

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