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Cross-Talk in Comp Theory

A Reader, 4th edition

image of Cross-Talk in Comp Theory


Cross-Talk in Comp Theory is a collection of pivotal texts that mark the rebirth of a field, composition studies, beginning with the rise of the process movement. It has been thrice revised to account for shortfalls and changing conversations. The second edition paid increased attention to the significance of gender, the rise in voices of people of color, and the move toward technology. The third edition deepened the conversation on technology and multimodal composing, while keeping most of what had been successful in prior editions of the collection.

In this latest edition, we recognize that discussions of discourse have become commonplace. Meanwhile, issues of social justice—who we teach, how we teach, and who “we” are—have become much more prescient in our composition classrooms, as elsewhere. And, as technology evolves, so too do our discussions of the role of technology and multimodality in our classrooms.

This important text:

  • Maintains the historical perspective of previous editions;
  • Provides critical insights into the ever-changing discipline of composition studies; and
  • Centers composition scholars and instructors on the challenges and opportunities brought about by changes in today’s students and world.

Whether you’re new to teaching composition or a long-time composition instructor, evolving alongside a rapidly changing field requires awareness of where the field has been, where it stands, and where it’s going, to be of sound service to today’s composition students.

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