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English Education

About English Education

English Education is the journal of English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE), a constituent organization of NCTE. Grounded in ELA teacher education, articles address the preparation, support, and continuing education of English/literacy teachers at all levels of instruction.

English Education accepts manuscripts in three categories, outlined below. As an annual volume, issues are published in July, October, January, and April. For additional insight into writing for the journal, please read Dr. Shoffner’s editorial in the October 2020 issue.

For any inquiries, please contact Dr. Melanie Shoffner, editor, at [email protected].


Submitted manuscripts undergo external review by three scholars with expertise in the field. Decisions are typically made within three months of submission.


  • Research manuscripts are empirical or theoretical works that examine, illuminate, and expand understandings of ELA teacher education. These manuscripts may address a wide range of topics and/or different levels of instruction but must provide meaningful connections to and implications for teacher education.
  • Manuscripts should be no more than 6,000 words, exclusive of references. For initial submission, manuscripts should include tables and figures in the text.

(Re)Active Praxis

  • Praxis manuscripts are reflective essays that examine personal pedagogical efforts to engage in ELA teacher education. These manuscripts must engage in thoughtful reflection that considers how individual teacher educators develop, enact, and sustain meaningful personal praxis.
  • Manuscripts should be no more than 2,000 words, exclusive of references. As reflective inquiry, manuscripts should be written in first person.

(Re)Viewing the Field

  • Book reviews are brief examinations (600-650 words) of recently published works relevant to ELA teacher education. Book reviews are published open-access on the English Education website.
  • As English Education does not accept unsolicited book reviews, interested authors should contact the editor or complete the journal’s interest form.


Submitted manuscripts should be double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 pt. font (or equivalent) with 1” margins. Manuscripts should follow the APA 7th Edition style guide and use language consistent with the NCTE Statement on Gender and Language.

To ensure impartial review, please remove any identifying information, such as author name or school/institution, in the manuscript. Author’s in-text citations and references should be identified as (Author, year).

All manuscripts are submitted via Editorial Manager. First-time users will need to register with the system.

Upon Acceptance

Prior to publication, authors must submit an NCTE Consent to Publish form. Authors are responsible for securing permission to reprint copyrighted material as well as tables, figures, and/or images used in or adapted from other sources. Use of student work (e.g., writing, artwork) will also require written permission from the student.

Research manuscripts require submission of the following:

  • copy of IRB approval
  • blank copy of participants’ consent form
  • brief statement attesting that all participants have signed the given consent form

The editor reserves the right to make editorial changes in any manuscript accepted for publication to enhance clarity, conciseness, and/or style. The editor’s decisions are final.


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