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Special Issues, Volume 2: Trauma-Informed Teaching

image of Special Issues, Volume 2: Trauma-Informed Teaching


Teachers and students alike begin their day as humans, and they must all end their day as humans. Experiences of pain, sorrow, loss, fear, disruption, and systemic and institutional oppression are an inevitable presence in schools and classrooms. Editors Elizabeth Dutro and Bre Pacheco have edited this collection of original essays with the belief that trauma-informed teaching, with all of the complex layers that term contains, can and must be harnessed to propel movements toward equity and justice in English language arts classrooms. Woven throughout, authors in this volume share stories from life and literature that aptly show the power and possibility of ELA classrooms for enacting the deepest hopes that fuel the year-to-year, day-to-day, moment-to-moment enactment of humanizing, healing teaching.

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