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Special Issues, Volume 2: Racial Literacy

image of Special Issues, Volume 2: Racial Literacy

This volume questions what constitutes literacy in a society organized by race as an inquiry, to deepen the significance for why K–20 learners must develop knowledges that support their abilities to process and ultimately transform racism. With this collection of original essays, editor Ayanna F. Brown helps to push the field of racial literacy into new directions, to avoid niceties and other pitfalls, to get to the heart of racial understanding, to better respond to the needs of our students and society. This volume brings forth emerging scholars who seek to respond to the sociopolitical and sociohistorical aspects of racial literacy as it relates to youth. The scholarship grapples with how educators at every level think through racial literacy in their work and within their experiences. Each contribution adds depth to the question of agency and illuminates why racial literacy work extends social justice efforts to become a call for a culture of teaching and learning that recenters liberation as an active pursuit.

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