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Special Issues, Volume 2: Critical Media Literacy

Bringing Critical Media Literacy into ELA Classrooms

image of Special Issues, Volume 2: Critical Media Literacy

During a time of increased book banning and censoring, of scrutiny of the word critical, and even calls for surveillance of K–12 teachers, the burgeoning field of critical media literacy is more important than ever. These new challenges demonstrate the importance of teaching media literacy to address some of the most pressing needs of our youth. This second volume devoted to critical media literacy picks up where the first volume left off, as it continues the work of defining this important area of focus and looks for practical and innovative ways to bring these important topics into ELA classrooms. Editors William Kist and Mary T. Christel have curated and edited a wide range of original essays by leading educators in the field, focusing on pedagogical directions of critical media literacy, integrating it into reading, writing, and interdisciplinary instruction, and new ways of teaching about and with media.

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