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Reading the World through Sports and Young Adult Literature

Resources for the English Classroom

image of Reading the World through Sports and Young Adult Literature


Recommended and award-winning works of young adult literature featuring youth athletes—protagonists who are entangled not only in athletic competition but in the complications of life beyond the arena—offer secure footholds that students can use to explore contemporary sociopolitical issues.  

With chapters addressing timely topics—including combating sexism and misogyny, protesting systemic racism, challenging homophobia, upending ableist perspectives, questioning narrow views of masculinity, reckoning with the dramatic toll of drug abuse, and more—this book supports practicing and prospective teachers in using sports and young adult literature to advance critical literacy and to help students reimagine the world as they know it. Other volume highlights include: 

  • A foreword by sports journalist Kavitha A. Davidson 
  • “Voices from the Field” contributions by educators  
  • Options for book clubs 
  • Options for film study 
  • Recommended young adult literature titles 

The omnipresence of sports around the globe, the long history of sports and politics colliding, and the recent publication of award-winning works of sports-related young adult literature combine to make this practical book a valuable resource for English language arts teachers, curriculum coordinators, and teacher educators alike. 

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