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Classroom Design for Student Agency

Create Spaces to Empower Young Readers and Writers

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Traditional classrooms do not always create spaces where every child feels safe enough to bring their whole self to school. This book shows how to set up preK–grade 6 classrooms that support student agency, independence, and choice. With examples drawn from real classrooms, the authors demonstrate how to make choices in seating, materials used, books read, and more. Special attention is paid to the design of classroom libraries in which a variety of diverse, quality books anchor so much of the work in helping young readers and writers grow and learn. The book is richly illustrated with photos and samples to provide an inside look at classrooms in which children are centered and the teacher is responsive to creating spaces with student agency in mind.


Selling Points:

-       Full color and richly illustrated, the authors show how they implement the principles in the book in their own classroom. 

-       The book demonstrates how to design a welcoming classroom space within the space educators are given, despite the limitations.

-       Tips and tools for creating a classroom library that facilitates reading and discovery are also included.


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