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Continuing the Journey 3

Becoming a Better Teacher of Language, Speaking, and Listening

image of Continuing the Journey 3


In this third book in the Continuing the Journey series, Ken Lindblom and Leila Christenbury explore teaching English language, speaking, and listening. Aimed at veteran teachers yet accessible to highly capable early career teachers, this book offers practical advice, encouragement, and cutting-edge ideas for today’s English classroom.

Drawing on contemporary and foundational research to infuse classrooms with substance and energy, the authors focus on authentic assignments with real-world value. 

Topics in this volume include: 

  • Understanding and teaching language change and attention to culture
  • Fostering audience-responsive communication
  • Addressing today’s challenges for in-person and technology-enabled speaking
  • Encouraging and assessing respectful talk and multimedia communication
  • Managing heated conversations
  • Grasping why deep listening may be a lost art, and how we can recover it. 

Packed with classroom-ready approaches, provocative ideas, encouraging insights, as well as the authors’ anecdotes and asides, this book will entertain, educate, and inspire teachers who take seriously the importance of language, speaking, and listening in today’s dynamic world. 

As an added benefit, teachers and scholars from across the country add their voices and experiences in the ideal Teachers’ Lounge, providing important and diverse perspectives and advice. The Teachers' Lounge contributors: 

  • Sydney Bryan
  • Kelly Byrne Bull
  • Tricia Ebarvia
  • Christian Z. Goering
  • Sharonica Nelson
  • Molly S. Potas
  • Kia Jane Richmond
  • Jana L. Rieck
  • Martha Sandven
  • Brian Stzabnik
  • Peter S. Willis

About Continuing the Journey 

Continuing the Journey is a five-book series on advanced approaches to teaching English language arts. Written for veteran teachers by Leila Christenbury and Ken Lindblom, the books include “From the Teachers’ Lounge,” an innovative feature that honors the expertise of both colleagues from the field and highly regarded scholars. Topics addressed in the series include literature and informational texts; language and writing; listening, speaking, and presenting; digital literacies; and living the professional life of a veteran teacher.

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